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The Federal Reserve’s Key Meeting Dates in 2024

The Federal Reserve’s rapid series of interest rate hikes throughout 2022 and 2023 — initiated in an effort to bring down red-hot inflation

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SoSEPPs Allow Penalty-Free Access to Retirement Savings at Any Age

You’re probably aware that a 10% penalty tax generally applies to distributions from qualified retirement plan accounts prior to age 59½, unless an exception applies;

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Merging Your Money When You Marry

Getting married is exciting, but it brings many challenges. One such challenge that you and your spouse will have to face is how to merge your finances.

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How Savers and Spenders Can Meet in the Middle

Couples who have opposite philosophies regarding saving and spending often have trouble finding common ground, and money arguments frequently erupt.

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Extreme Weather and Your Home Insurance: How to Navigate the Financial Storm

With wildfires in Maui, Hurricane Idalia in Florida, and the heat wave that blanketed the South, Midwest, and Great Plains, 2023 was a record-setting year for extreme weather in the United States.

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