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Welcome to Your Financial Journey

Our podcast provides you with timely information on relevant developments as well as strategies designed to help you enjoy greater peace of mind and achieve your wealth management goals. It’s your journey and PWA is here to provide you with expertise, guidance and support every step of the way.

Teaching Kids the Value of Money

In this podcast, Investment Advisor Nicole Smit, CTFA and Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer Cheryl Dalton join PWA's Executive Vice President Doug DeGroot, CFP® to share their insights, not only as financial professionals but as mothers striving to set their children on a positive financial path. Join us in a brief conversation about the one important thing kids don’t learn in school – how to handle money responsibly!

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Estate Planning

In this podcast, senior members of the PWA Team discuss joint tenancy, wills, trusts, estate taxes and other matters related to estate planning. Join Executive Vice President Doug DeGroot, CFP®, Senior VP Brian Granato, CTFA and Senior VP Tom Clifford as they share valuable insights gained over the years.

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Women & Wealth

In honor of Mother’s Day, members of the PWA team discuss Women and Investing and other topics particularly important to women. Join Executive Vice President Doug DeGroot, CFP®, Laura Fasan and Nicole Smit, CTFA as they touch on establishing goals, building wealth and much more.

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Financial Literacy

In recognition of Financial Literacy Month and the arrival of Spring, members of the PWA team use this Podcast to provide helpful information on a few topics clients often ask about. Join Executive Vice President Doug DeGroot, CFP® and Senior Vice President Brian Granato, CTFA, as they discuss Tax Advantaged Investments, Social Security benefits and more.

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2021 Economic Outlook

What can we expect in the new year and more importantly, from the new administration in Washington? What changes should we be prepared for and how might these changes impact investment portfolios? Join Doug DeGroot, CFP®, Executive Vice President of Providence Wealth Advisors as he discusses the current economic backdrop as well as expectations for the coming year.

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A Special Holiday Podcast

Join the entire Providence Wealth Advisors team as we prepare for the Christmas season by recalling our most memorable people, events and experiences of the past year. It's our 2020 Holiday podcast and we thank you for listening! From all of us at Providence Wealth Advisors, thank you for your trust and support. We wish you a Christmas season filled with peace, good health and happiness.

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The Current Investment Environment

How did we get here and where can we expect to go? Learn from Doug DeGroot, CFP®, Executive Vice President of Providence Wealth Advisors, as he reviews the financial events of 2020 and considerations driving rationale for the future.

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Meet the PWA Investment Group

Listen as Doug DeGroot provides a brief introduction to Providence Wealth Advisors, its unique affiliation with Providence Bank & Trust and the investment approach the PWA team uses to serve clients.

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