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Remote Workers Trade Commutes for Much-Needed Rest

May 17, 2023

According to a detailed analysis of the American Time Use Survey, individuals who worked at home in 2020 instead of commuting to an office collectively saved 60 million hours each day that could be spent doing other things. Employees reported spending 35% of their saved commute time working, but overall paid work hours fell, because activities such as child care, housework, and exercise were squeezed in throughout the day. There were differences among age groups, but they all spent more leisure time with family and friends — and got nearly an additional hour of sleep.

Extra time spent on activities (in hours)


  • Ages 18-30: 3.7
  • Ages 31-45: 1.9
  • Ages 46+: 1.3


  • Ages 18-30: 0.7
  • Ages 31-45: 0.8
  • Ages 46+: 0.9

Household tasks/child care

  • Ages 18-30: 0.7
  • Ages 31-45: 1.1
  • Ages 46+: 1.0

Source: Federal Reserve, 2022


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