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Financial Aid Calendar

August 24, 2021

If your child will be applying for financial aid for college, here’s a calendar highlighting the important tasks to be done during senior year of high school.


  • Create a timetable of financial aid deadlines for each college
  • Obtain an FSA ID at as a prerequisite for submitting the FAFSA online
  • Obtain a username and password at as a prerequisite for submitting the CSS Profile online


  • Gather last two years of tax returns for parent and student
  • Complete and submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1
  • Complete and submit the CSS Profile if student is applying to college early action or early decision


  • Research college and private scholarships and gather supporting materials (students may be considered for college scholarships automatically when they apply)


  • Complete and submit the CSS Profile if student is applying regular decision
  • Complete additional college-specific aid forms, if any


  • Complete and submit private scholarship applications
  • Review Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA showing your expected family contribution (EFC)


  • Verify that all required federal and college financial aid forms have been submitted, and submit any additional documents as requested
  • Continue to complete and submit private scholarship applications


  • Watch for college acceptances; if acceptance contains offer of merit aid, make sure to understand requirements of any merit scholarships
  • Receive financial aid award letters from colleges detailing financial aid package; read each award letter carefully
  • Watch for notifications from private scholarship sources


  • Compare financial aid awards by comparing out-of-pocket costs at each college as well as total overall costs
  • Decide on a single college!
  • Sign and return financial aid award letter


  • Contact financial aid office to confirm all paperwork is in
  • Notify financial aid administrator of any changes in circumstances that may affect your family’s ability to pay EFC


  • High school graduation!


  • Student signs student loan promissory notes, if applicable
  • Student receives federal student loan counseling, if applicable


  • Congratulations! Off to college!



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